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American Express® Payment Gateway

Team up with us and recommend a secure and easy way to process payments.

American Express Payment Gateway provides several powerful benefits for both you and your clients.

For you:

We offer incentives.

Each time one of your recommended leads enrols with the American Express Payment Gateway, it can result in additional revenue for you, not to mention the client satisfaction that comes with award-winning support from a trusted brand.

We integrate with ease.

We provide a library of support material, such as sample code and API documents, as well as technical assistance available to get you and your clients up and running.

We’re global.

Our Payment Gateway can process payments in over 120 currencies with over 30 acquiring banks around the world, giving virtually any merchant the ability to conduct business internationally.

For your clients:

We’re comprehensive.

Our Payment Gateway offers an assortment of valuable features, like AccertifyLeading provider of fraud prevention, chargeback management, and payment gateway solutions to merchants spanning diverse industries worldwide. fraud screening, alternative payment types, and an optional comprehensive tokenisationThe replacement of cardholder data with an electronic file that corresponds with the original card data stored in a secure, third-party database away from the merchant’s environment. system available from day one.

We’re secure.

Credit card numbers are stored securely off your client’s sites and in our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)A standard of rules that companies who store or process cardholder information and credit card data must follow. certified environment, giving both your clients and their customers peace of mind.

We’re affordable.

Our Payment Gateway has an option that fits your clients’ needs, with payment and fraud packages tailored to suit almost any business.

We’re available 24/7*.

Once your clients start using our Payment Gateway, they can contact us directly for technical and customer support, removing the burden from you.

* We offer 24x7x365 product support in English, French and Spanish.

Purchase and use of the American Express Payment Gateway are limited to merchants that accept the American Express Card. If you do not currently accept the American Express Card, you are not eligible to purchase or use the American Express Payment Gateway.

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